Was Your Building Constructed Before 1982?

Ask our team about asbestos removal in Dallas, TX or the surrounding area

Before the effects of asbestos exposure were well-known, asbestos was a popular building material. It was cheap and durable, provided insulation and held up against water and fire damage. It was used in many buildings before 1982, and it's still present in many of them.

If you're not sure whether your building contains asbestos, call One Reef, LLC. Our team based in Dallas, TX can complete an asbestos inspection in your:

  • Home
  • Business
  • Industrial Facility
  • Institutional
  • Museum
  • School & Universities
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

We'll share our findings with you and, if your building does contain asbestos, explain your options for asbestos removal. Email our local contractor today to schedule your asbestos inspection.